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Members of Parliament
and web scraping

I was looking for small personal project on the Members of the House of Commons. Nothing serious. Just something to code and have fun with.

The result: an interactive timeline of the occupation of the Members of Parliament throughout History!

Surprising how involved farmers were in politics prior the 70’s, isn’t it? You may also notice how being a politician has become a full time occupation around 2000. Click on the chart below for all the details!

How did I create this interesting timeline? I coded my own program to extract data from the Parliament of Canada website!

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The (mostly free) tool box
of a data journalist


Regardless of your employment, to have good tools is always essential. My colleagues and friends often ask me which softwares I use. I thought the answer to this question would be a useful post!

Generally, you will always need the same basic functions: to collect data, to clean it, to sort it, to analyse it and then publish it in a simple way.

The list presented below is far from being complete or absolute. It’s simply the softwares I am currently using. Most of them are free, open source and cross-platform. It’s a good start!

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